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Sports-Journalism History

I’ve been a sports fan for my entire life, but it was in high school that I decided that I would be interested in pursuing a career in sports-journalism. In my junior and senior year at Culver City High School I was the editor and lead writer of the sports section of the school’s newspaper. Upon graduating high school in 2004, I started my annual NFL Newsletter, which is still running to this day.

I attended USC as a broadcast-journalism major in the Annenberg School of Communication. During my time at USC, I hosted a live debate show called Platforum for three semesters on the school’s television station, Trojan Vision. In my final semester on the program, I co-produced the show and helped convert the Thursday evening’s edition into a sports debate show. I also worked for a semester on Trojan Vision’s news program, Annenberg TV News, where I wrote some stories and designed graphics for the on-air anchor boxes.

I also worked with some great people for two semesters at USC’s radio station, KSCR 1560 AM. I hosted a live sports show called The Final Word on Friday afternoons in the spring semester of 2007, and was also on the panels of multiple sports talk shows and USC football pregame and post game shows throughout the year. I started my first sports blog at around this time as well.

Upon taking a leave from USC after that spring semester, I decided to turn my attention towards new media. In September of 2007, I began uploading sports-related videos to youtube. In 2008, I continued to produce videos, and also created a podcast and a new blog. My work on these projects as well as my popularity on their message board eventually led to my job with SportsbookReview.com. While working there, I produced videos and wrote articles, as well as individual game write-ups.

In June of 2009, my best friend Sam Saig and I created AllPac10.com, which featured our in-depth coverage and opinions on Pac-10 football. I designed the website’s graphics and layout, and ran the site’s backend.

In September of 2010, I launched this website, DavesDime.com, to archive all of my old work and have a place to put up my new work. I plan on creating new content as well as continuing my NFL newsletter and college football picks videos.

Work History

My first few experiences in the working world revolved around retail sales and customer service. I’ve sold printers and office equipment at Staples, worked as a cashier at Best Buy, and sold televisions and home entertainment equipment at Circuit City.

In late 2007, I left my job at Circuit City to take on a unique position as a cashier/banker at Hollywood Park Casino for a company called BANC Games. Unlike in Las Vegas where the dealer pays out winners and collects from losers, California law requires a seperate party to do so in this state. It was my job to bank casino games such as three card poker, blackjack, and pai-gow, and understand the rules and house edges that went along with each game.

In 2008, I moved on to my first job in the field of broadcast-journalism when I got a position as a sound board operator with Clear Channel Communications. I regulated songs and commercials played by the hour at popular Southern California radio stations 102.7 KIIS FM and 98.7 FM during the overnight shifts and mornings on weekends. This included the internationally syndicated radio show American Top 40 on KIIS FM. I also worked the board some weekday mornings on the hit show On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

I left Clear Channel in early 2009 when I was offered a job by SportsbookReview.com. I moved out to their offices in San Antonio, Texas, and provided sports-related videos and articles to generate traffic to the website and its online community. I also served as a moderator on the online community’s message board, addressing user’s questions and concerns and running contests as well.

After being laid off in September of 2009, I moved back home to Los Angeles in December of that same year, where I currently reside. In June of 2010, I took a job with Chalk Gaming (GetChalk.com) as a sports ghostwriter. I am still writing for this company, and to date I have ghostwritten over 500 sports articles that have been published across multiple websites and magazines.

In March of 2011, I was hired by a local ticket broker called LAsportsfan Tickets (LAsportsfan.com) to work in social media and graphic design. Within a month, I was promoted to Social Media Director. My position focused on maintaining and expanding the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, keeping the website up to date with images and links to current events, and creating graphics for the website and advertisements.

I left that job in September of 2011 to focus on writing and other personal projects. From August of 2011 to March of 2012, I wrote 5-8 articles a week for Don Best Sports (DonBest.com), a popular sports handicapping information website based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In March of 2012, I took a job with Practical Social Media University (PracticalSocialMedia.com) as a ghostwriter and a social media manager. I currently ghostwrite regular weekly articles for both PSMU and Chalk Gaming.

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