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Jeff Platt Finishes 203rd in the World Series of Poker Main Event: A View From the Rail

By , September 28, 2014 3:54 pm

(Editor/Writer’s Note: Well, this one sort of got away from me in length. I considered making massive cuts and edits to make it more “readable”, but figured I’d leave it as is. Considering that only the most loyal of Jeff Platt and/or Dave Consolazio fans will make it all the way to the end, just had two quick things to get in: 1) Skip ahead to “Day 4” if you are the type of reader that likes to get straight to the “action”; that and the sections following it are the “meat” of this article. 2) If you found this article via an internet search of Jeff Platt, welcome! Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @jeffplatt before you go. Without further ado, here goes!)

The Redemption Trip

We were calling it our “redemption trip”.

The first Las Vegas poker trip of the summer did not go according to plan as we met up for the weekend of May 30th and couldn’t find a single tournament cash between us. We’d had a blast that weekend, as Jeff and I always do in Vegas, but our good times were found in the sportsbook and on the blackjack and craps tables, not on the poker tables we’d centered the trip around.

So why not return for the week of the $1500 WSOP Monster Stack on June 26? It was a brilliantly structured tournament offering hour-long levels and an unprecedented 15,000 chip starting stack. Short of the Main Event (which had a $10,000 buy-in far above our bankroll), this looked to be the crown jewel of poker tournaments.

We would set out to find redemption for our poor performance last time around. We set the game plan to avoid non-poker gambling and alcohol and focus all of our energy on poker, most specifically this tournament. This was our shot.

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By , December 4, 2013 5:26 pm

Day 1

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Welcome To Dave’s Dime!

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By , August 29, 2012 12:00 pm

Hello and welcome to!

This website serves as a portfolio of all of my work.

To learn more about my personal and professional background, check out the “About Me” section above. To see my current and past work in writing, podcasting and videos, follow the appropriate tabs above. Or you can browse by sport with the menu on the left-hand side.

Also on the left-hand side is all of my social media and contact information. Whether you are an employer looking for an experienced content provider or a fan of my work that just wants to drop me a line, feel free to do so via any of those links!

Thank you for stopping by!

– Dave

$100,000 Poker Tournament at the Hustler: On to the Finals!

By , July 21, 2012 5:15 am

Friday night I played in the Hustler Casino’s $100,000 guaranteed Grand Slam of Poker event. In this tournament, there are five mini-tournaments in which the top 6% of the field in each of the five tournaments advances to the FINALS on Monday. The player that wins in the Finals is guaranteed $30,000.

I have advanced to the Finals!

I was keeping things updated on my Twitter and Facebook pages, but then my phone died. Just in time, naturally, to miss me going on a complete tear. Or, as many in the poker world know it, “Running Like God”.

Down to 11K in chips with my 3K big blind already in the middle, I faced a raise to 9K from the big stack on the button with A6 hearts. Pretty obvious shove here considering how low in chips I am and how often he’s trying to steal with nothing in this spot. Not this time; he had KK. Flop two hearts, turn a third. Up to about 25K.

A few hands later, guy raises to 10K, folds around to me and I pick up AQ spades on the button. All-in, he calls and flips over A 10. I hold, up to 50K.

Next orbit that same guy shoves on my BB, folds around to me, I wake up with JJ and call. He has 88, and he’s out of the tourney and I’m up to 80K.

3925320139_0b916fb8b3Build it up to about 100K, blinds at 1500/3000, I pick up pocket kings just in front of the button. I mix my play up with KK in this spot, but this time I opted for the shove, and it was perfect timing. Guy with about 30K left calls me, BB folds his AQ face up. KK holds, ace would have hit on the turn, 140K.

With about 170K and blinds at 3000/6000, aggressive guy makes his standard raise to 14K on my BB. I call the 8000 more with Q6 hearts. Flop AA5, one heart, check check. Turn a heart, I check, he bets 15K, I call. River a heart, we both check (I was planning on check calling), I’m up over 200K.

A bit later I have 88 in the small blind, hyper-aggressive girl with big stack makes it 20K to go, I call. Flop 8 6 2 two spades. I lead out with a 20K, she raises it up to 70K, I shove, she folds. I was now crushing it with about 300K in chips with just 20 or so players to go.

I made my one big misstep of the tourney against that same girl with the same hand a bit later. She made it 25K to go (blinds now 4000/8000 ante 1000), I look down at 8d8h in the BB. Didn’t want to raise (pot control), but couldn’t fold considering how often she raises, so I flat call. I check in the dark, and the flop comes 10 5 6 with two diamonds. She bets 45K with about 60K behind.

I tank for a bit and talk myself into shoving. I saw blood in the water and was going for the kill. I’m figuring if she has a 10 in her hand, more power to her. I think it’s far more likely that she’s continuation betting with an AQ AJ type of hand, or maybe even a 69 type of hand that she got a little piece of the flop. Flat calling makes no sense, I have to push or fold, and knowing her aggressive nature I think there’s a great chance I’m good here, and might even get a favorable call if she’s drawing. And with the way I’m running, maybe my backdoor straight and flush draws are live. I shove, she insta-calls, flips over 55. Yuck.

In hindsight, it’s easy enough to say that I should have folded there or raised pre-flop, and maybe some of my poker buddies will. But playing it over a few times in my head, I think I’m right more often than I’m wrong here. When you have a table image for being super aggressive, you get paid off when you hit a big hand. Kudos to her.

So that brought me down to about 150K. A few blind/ante swipes later, I’m back to 188K in chips, and that is where the night ended. Our original field of 172 was whittled down to the 10 that would be moving on to the Finals.

I’m thrilled, obviously. Already in the money, will likely be about 50-75 players Monday, and with 188K at 5000/10000 blinds, I have plenty of time and chips to play my game. And to charge my phone, of course!

Thanks to you guys cheering me on and supporting me. The Finals start at 6pm on Monday, I’ll be updating the field size and payouts then. Hope the best hand continues to hold up for me and I can keep this wild run going!

UPDATE JULY 24: In the end, I got it all in 44 against A7, and he spiked a 7 on the flop. I finished 14th out of 1,117 to win $1050. Thanks for all of the support!


The Los Angeles Kings Win the Stanley Cup: The Greatest Night of My Life 26 Years in the Making

By , July 9, 2012 8:05 pm

The day has come for me to write the article that I never thought I’d have the chance to write.

The Los Angeles Kings are the Stanley Cup Champions.

Brown200x400I actually waited a full week after the historic night that Dustin Brown hoisted the Stanley Cup to even start writing this piece, and a month afterwards to finish and publish it. I wanted to give the universe a chance to correct itself, me a chance to wake up from the dream I was having. Certainly there was some kind of error, a “glitch in the Matrix”, if you will.

But one month later, it is still true. I can’t speak for alternate realities, timelines, or galaxies; but in this reality, this timeline, this galaxy… the Los Angeles Kings are the Stanley Cup Champions.

As I tear up trying to decide where to even start, I suppose the very beginning is as good of a place as any. Well, the beginning of my life anyway; starting at the Big Bang might be more just, but I get the feeling this thing is going to be long and rambling enough as is.

I mentioned on Twitter that the night that the Kings won the Stanley Cup would be the greatest night of my life. A friend of mine asked a legitimate question; “Really? The greatest night of your life?” A valid question, because to most people, the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup meant absolutely nothing. To many others, even casual fans of the team, it was cool, but certainly not life-altering.

For me, it was life-altering. It meant everything to me. Are some of you rolling your eyes or thinking that’s pathetic? If you are, I completely understand! How can a bunch of professional athletes with a certain logo on the front of their sweater mean so much to someone that is just a face in the crowd to them?

I will attempt to explain that over the next few pages. How many of you will read this from start to finish I have no idea. But here it is; a story that took 26 years to find its happy ending.

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Kings Heading to the Stanley Cup Finals! – My Post-Game Vlog

By , May 23, 2012 4:45 am

Headed to the airport to greet the team returning home from Game 5. Naturally, phone died before I got any footage of the players. Bit of footage of the crowd and Campbell Bowl though, as well as my feelings on the game!

Los Angeles Kings Eliminate Vancouver! Thanks San Jose!

By , April 23, 2012 12:33 pm

Flying high after the Kings win their first playoff series in 11 years! I review my playoff beard’s progress and look back at San Jose’s win over the Kings to end the regular season, and how it ended up being for the best.

Laughing Doughty Meme

By , April 16, 2012 4:25 pm

Up 3-0 on the Vancouver Canucks, life is good for Los Angeles Kings fans right now. As we anxiously await game four, I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a hilarious Kings-related meme currently making its way around the hockey world.

One of the highlights of the series thus far was in Game 2, when Drew Doughty laughed off the Canucks’ attempts to get under the Kings’ skin. Here is an awesome photograph capturing that moment:

Pure joy and amusement with a state of utter chaos surrounding him. Naturally, someone cropped laughing Doughty out of this atmosphere, and challenged the hockey community to photoshop into all sorts of random areas. I’ve never been involved in a “meme” before, but for a Kings related one? What better time than the present.

Below are my contributions to the Laughing Doughty meme craze, along with a link to a thread with a bunch more (many much better than mine!)

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Do A Barrel Roll! (Ryan Kesler Dives)

By , April 13, 2012 2:56 am

Maybe Ryan Kesler just got done playing Star Fox 64 and was just following Peppy’s advice?

My 2012 Los Angeles Kings Charity Poker Event Experience: A Patrick O’Neal Appreciation Post

By , March 2, 2012 3:45 am

Last year, I wrote a story about my triumphant sixth place finish in the 2011 Los Angeles Kings / Anaheim Ducks charity poker event, which netted me a team-signed jersey and $600 cash. It still stands as one of the greatest nights of my life. (Re-live the memories by reading last year’s post here).

My three bracelets, team-signed jersey, and $600 cash!

Ah, the good ol' days.

This year, I would not walk away with a cash prize or a final table appearance. I did win my first table for the second straight year, edging out 900 players to make my way into the Top 100; but this time around, my journey would end at the second table.

Before I get into a recap of the poker side of the evening, let me first talk about a man that we as LA Kings fans just don’t give enough credit and respect to: Patrick O’Neal.


What a handsome fellow!

This will likely be read as tongue-in-cheek, but I actually am being sincere here. Had an awesome conversation with the dude tonight, and this post is a direct response to that conversation.

A few weeks ago, on February 18, Patrick O’Neal told Luc Robitaille during an interview to promote this event that last year he had made it to the final table. I quickly took to twitter:

@DavesDime: I was at the final table of last year’s #LAKings Charity Poker Tourney… @PONealFSWest wasn’t. He just lied to Luc on the air! #HowDareHe

The following intermission, Patrick O’Neal responded;

@PONealFSWest: meant to say I advanced from my table #mybad @DavesDime

A perfectly reasonable response. It’s live TV. Minor slip-ups happen.

@DavesDime: @PONealFSWest Haha just giving you a hard time. See you at the final table this year! #GoKings!

Fast forward to March 1 at this year’s tournament. I hear that Patrick O’Neal has advanced to the second round for the second straight year, just like I have! I make it a point to go get my picture taken with him and rib him again about the slip-up, letting him know I was just messing around.

After I’m eliminated, I see that he has been too; I pull him aside for a picture, and tell him I’m the guy who gave him a hard time on twitter the other day. But he recognizes me as someone else…

(Paraphrasing from memory of course:)

Patrick: “Hey, you’re the guy with that post who had all of the pictures last year, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yep, that was me-”

Patrick: “I was the ONLY one you left out! You’ve got pictures with Bob, Jim, Nick, Darryl, Heidi, talking about how it’s the greatest day ever and everyone is so cool…”

Me: “Hmm, I did also leave out Rich Hammond…”

Patrick: “Heidi is so sweet, she’s so great, what a talented gal you say… you got the whole broadcast team! I was here! I was roaming around! I was the only one you ignored!”

Me: “Hmm, I guess I did also get David Courtney… yeah, pretty much everyone.”

Patrick: “What gives?”

Me: “Now wait, just to be clear, you aren’t putting yourself in the Bob and Jim category are you? Those guys are legends.”

Patrick: “No, of course not, those guys are in a different tier. But I should at least be in the Heidi and Rich tier!”

REALLY funny stuff. Delivered in a way that you could tell was tongue-in-cheek, but also with a tinge of truth.

I told him he was right, and that I was making it up to him by getting a picture with him and that this year, I’d be writing all about him this time around. No clue how he found my article last year, but I’ll send it to him this year. This one’s for you, Patrick!

We got back to the slip-up, he re-explained it was just a mistake, but admitted it was cool to tell LUC ROBITAILLE that he was at the final table. I agreed, and said he didn’t get the respect he deserved from Luc; Luc just kind of brushed it off like “oh, that’s cool”… Patrick deserved more on-air respect for his faked accomplishment.

I then told him the true story of when he won me over as the Kings’ reporter. I forget exactly what the game was, but my best friend Sam and I watched as the Kings got pummeled in a 4-0 or 5-0 shutout in a game they were totally dominated in from start to finish. Patrick O’Neal came on the screen, and Sam and I both rolled our eyes and before I could open my mouth to say “Great, Patrick O’Neal”, O’Neal says “Well Kings fan, I know I’m about the last person in the world you want to see right now, but the post game show must go on”. Sam and I both burst out laughing, and gave him big props for that line. And I had an epiphany;

It isn’t Patrick O’Neal’s fault that the Kings suck half (or more) of the time.

Zero Stanley Cups. Kings Hockey.

0 Stanley Cups. Kings Hockey.

The Kings have been sucking, in varying degrees, since 1967; long before I was born or Patrick O’Neal was on the air. It isn’t his fault they got blown out that night, or can’t score worth a damn this season, or have never won a cup. So why the hell do we always take it out on him?

It’s like blaming a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas for a bad run of luck. When the players are losing, the dealer gets snide remarks and no tips. When the players are winning, the dealer is a part of the fun and makes more money in tips. So why do you blame the dealer for a cold streak? Don’t you think he or she would much rather you be winning than losing?

We take out our frustrations on Patrick O’Neal because he’s the one on the screen while the team is off in the locker room. We don’t want to hear him ask questions about why we can’t score or bemoan the fact that we sucked that night; but it isn’t Patrick O’Neal that’s the problem, it’s the fact that we can’t score and that we sucked that is! Nothing he can do about either, and if he could, I’m sure he’d help.

The other reason Kings fans give O’Neal a hard time: They think he’s a Ducks fan.

Well, if the guy trolling the broadcast with a huge sign says so...

Well, if the guy trolling the broadcast with a huge sign says so...

Based on what?!? The fact that he used to, as a Fox Sports employee, work on Ducks games?

Here’s the reality; I don’t know the ins and outs of Patrick O’Neal’s job, but from the outside looking in, it is essentially my dream job. He’s an on-air sports reporter. If I could make a living doing it, I’d be an off-air sports reporter for a double-A baseball team and a college hockey team. If I had a job as the “sideline” reporter for a professional hockey team? Hell yeah I’d do it, with a big smile on my face, even if that team was a team I completely despised such as the Anaheim Ducks or the San Jose Sharks.

Are we really going to hold it against him that he had to cover the Ducks before he covered the Kings? Kings fans pretty much universally hate the Canucks these days; but we LOVE Willie Mitchell, don’t we? The past is in the past!

Leave Patrick alone! Leave him aloooooooone!

Leave Patrick alone! Leave him aloooooooone!

I defy anyone who’s met Patrick O’Neal in person to tell me that he’s not a cool dude.

So that’s my rant on Patrick O’Neal. I can’t force you to like the guy, but if you don’t, I do ask you to reflect on why… the source of the problem may very well be misplaced anger towards the Kings. And my guess is, like us, he’d like to see the team go 98-0 en route to a Stanley Cup.

Patrick: You complained that last year I didn’t make any mention of you whatsoever. This year, I spent more time on you than I did on all of them last year combined. We cool?

Flashing our silver bracelets; advancing to the second table two straight years! A rare feat!

Flashing our silver bracelets; advancing to the second table two straight years! A rare feat!

Oh right, some poker was played Thursday night, too. Started with 2000 in chips, blinds went up every (LOL) 12 minutes.

First hand I was off to a good start. AJ, flop A J 2. Bet a bit, called. Turn J, bet 250, called. River 9, bet 450, called; his ace alone was no good.

Scooped up some other minor pots along the way and was the chip leader. Dealt J 10, flop comes K 9 8. I bet 350, raised to 700, guy with 1200 left pushes all-in. In a normal tournament I’d likely fold here; but in this super turbo tournament, you have to chase your draws. I re-raise all in, guy who raised to 700 folds. River my 7. Huge pot.

Later in the tournament, blinds in the stratosphere at 800/1600; in the small blind, folds around to me, I have no choice but to go all-in at this stage with 5 10 of hearts. Get called, he flips over A 10… looking like its bye-bye me. Flop comes 5d 8h 6h. Where the hell are flops like that when I am playing in my real-money tournaments?!?

Get to heads up, where I’m essentially given the match. We’re at 1500/3000 blinds, each about even with 10,000 in chips. He folds, I collect his 1500. Next hand, I go all in, he folds, I collect his 3000. Next hand, he folds, I collect his 1500. That’s 6000 chips in three hands. I get KQ and raise him all in, and he now has now choice and calls with 9 4. Flop a King, and that one is over.

Alas, at the second table I was completely card dead. Folded and scooped up a few tiny pots, had about 1700 in chips as blinds climbed to 200/400. Called 400 with K 10, flop came 2 3 8 w/ two clubs. Checks all around. Turn K of clubs, quick all-in for me. Guy calls with A J of clubs. King of clubs was not a good card for me! Only card in the deck, other than maybe the 10 of clubs, coming out that loses me all of my chips on that hand. Ah well.

On the bright side, my departure led to my awesome exchange with Patrick O’Neal. Then my mother gave me $20 to play some slots with along with the $10 free play San Manuel gave to all tournament entrants. Figured what the hell, I’d use my free play and the $20 on a nickel machine…

$1.50 per spin is not wise. But for a quick free play? What the heck.

$1.50 per spin is not wise. But for a quick free play? What the heck.

Hit this beauty for $72. Ran my winnings up to $120 before cashing out, giving mom her $20 back, and walking out of there with $100.

Would love to have returned to the final table, but that’s what next year is for, right? Once again very happy that the Kings and Ducks put on this great event and highly recommend it to everyone next year; it’s a great time, raises money for charity, and you get to meet some pretty awesome celebrities.

Like Patrick Fricking O’Neal!

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