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When I left USC in the fall of 2007, I knew how much I’d miss talking sports on live radio (KSCR 1560 AM) and live television (Trojan Vision). While I was enjoying blogging, it wasn’t quite the same as broadcasting. To fill the radio void, I would eventually start a podcast; as for the video side, I decided to take my act to youtube.

Having been coined “Vegas” Dave on the radio for my expertise in the betting side of sports, it seemed like a logical step for me to take a swing at handicapping games on youtube. Since I already had my newsletter covering the NFL, I decided to give college football a try.

So began my journey into youtube, where I now have over 475 subscribers and over 215,000 upload views.


Weekly College Football Picks – My main series on youtube.

Weekly College Football Picks 2013 (Current)
Weekly College Football Picks 2012 (13 vids)
Weekly College Football Picks 2011 (15 vids)
Weekly College Football Picks 2010 (14 vids)
Weekly College Football Picks 2009 (14 vids)
Weekly College Football Picks 2008 (15 vids)
Weekly College Football Picks 2007 (15 vids)

NFL Playoff Predictions 2008-09 (9 vids)


How To Handicap Horses Instructional Series (5 vids) – One of my most popular series on youtube.


Los Angeles Kings Postseason Vlogs 2012 (7 vids) – Rocking the playoff beard!
NHL Playoff Predictions 2012 (3 vids) – First three rounds.
NHL Playoff Predictions 2009 (3 vids) – Complete with anchor box!


Mark Sanchez on USC Debate Show Platforum (3 vids) – An episode from 2006 of the debate show I hosted at USC, Platforum, featuring New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez!


Spare Change (4 vids) – A four-episode mini-series on youtube dedicated to sports debate.

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