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By , November 9, 2009 5:15 am

I was quite active at USC in the field of sports broadcast journalism, hosting both television and radio shows, but I wasn’t able to find the time to write for the school’s newspaper, the Daily Trojan. I was initially reluctant to start a blog as I knew they were difficult to maintain and find readership for, but I simply had too much to say not to have one.

While I strove to have an informative and well-researched blog, I also made it a point to be personal and opinionated, as is clear from my well-documented displeasure with the Anaheim Ducks winning the Stanley Cup.

My first stint at blogging ran from April 2007 – August 2007 (listed below as “Dave’s Dime @ Blogspot“), where I eventually put it on hiatus in favor of my NFL Newsletter and college football videos. I picked blogging back up briefly as a change-of-pace to my podcasting in 2008 (listed below as “Dave’s Dime @ Podbean“), and virtually full time in 2009 with

Here is my collection of my blog posts pre-AllPac10.

Dave’s Dime @ Podbean
Active 08/14/08 – 10/22/08

10/22/08: World Series Preview and Prediction

10/09/08: MLB American League Championship Preview

10/08/08: MLB National League Championship Preview

10/01/08: MLB Divisional Playoff Predictions

08/28/08: Jericho Scott Part Deux – Follow up to “Win and Lose” blog.

08/26/08: Why Aren’t Kids Allowed To Win and Lose Anymore?

08/18/08: Olympic Spoilers

08/14/08: The Brett Favre Trade

Dave’s Dime @ Blogspot
Active 04/11/07 – 08/06/07

08/06/07: Historic Weekend in Baseball
– Glavine wins #300, ARod hits #500

08/02/07: Burke does the right thing and lets Dustin Penner walk

07/31/07: Daunte Culpepper signs with the Raiders!

07/28/07: Hello, my name is Brian Burke, and I’m a big baby (and hockey business 101)
– On Burke’s reaction to Penner offer sheet.

07/27/07: Bob Costas; Journalist, Announcer, Award Winner, Midget Man – On Barry Bonds’ comments.

07/18/07: Anyone else irritated with ESPN?

07/16/07: I’m Back – My return to blogging after Ducks-induced hiatus.

06/04/07: Ask Me Anything! (#4) – On Pronger’s elbow.

05/31/07: Ducks physical play overwhelms Senators through two games

05/28/07: Senators and Ducks Fans; and why Maple Leafs and Kings fans hate them.

05/26/07: The Stanley Cup Finals – Ask Me Anything! (#3)

05/20/07: NHL Playoff Hockey or The Preakness? Tough choice, huh NBC?

05/18/07: Ask Me Anything! (#2) – More on the Senators, and Octopi.

05/16/07: Ask Me Anything! (#1) – On the Senators.

05/15/07: Robert Horry makes the most clutch shot of his career; a CHEAP SHOT.

05/09/07: Hockey: Conference Finals Preview; The East

05/09/07: Hockey: Conference Finals Preview; The West

05/08/07: Baseball Reflections (Monday) – On Los Angeles Dodges and Milwaukee Brewers

05/06/07: How the West was(n’t) won – On basketball upsets.

05/06/07: Major sports take the back seat for a day – On boxing and horse racing.

05/05/07: And I thought 34 seconds was bad… – On Buffalo goal.

05/03/07: When Roy Oswalt is on the mound, why does Cincinatti even show up?

05/03/07: Oh what a difference 34 seconds makes… – On Detroit goal.

05/02/07: Clutch enough for you? – On Dirk Nowitzki’s Game 5 performance.

05/01/07: Yanks take one step forward and two steps backward.

04/30/07: What exactly are the Mavericks doing?

04/28/07: With the 1st overall pick in the 2007 draft, the Oakland Raiders select; Calvin Johnson
– My wishful thinking.

04/24/07: Hockey: Playoff Preview Round 2

04/24/07: A-Rod… are you kidding me? – On his monster April.

04/23/07: Luongo outduels Turco; Canucks take game 7

04/22/07: The Devils do it in 60 minutes and the Wings do it in 84; both are moving on

04/22/07: NBA Playoffs… The Wrap-Up

04/21/07: Sabres and Sharks take care of business

04/19/07: Senators and Ducks join Rangers at the winner’s table

04/19/07: Rangers cruise to the only sweep of the first round

04/16/07: Baseball Prospect Lookout: A name you should start looking out for. – Tim Lincecum

04/15/07: Jackie Robinson Day: PPD

04/14/07: NBA Western Playoff Race

04/12/07: No more multiple overtimes in the playoffs? You can’t be serious?

04/12/07: Hockey: Playoff Preview Part 2

04/11/07: Hockey: Playoff Preview Part 1

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